15 Things About Today’s Jobs Report

Wall Street Journal columnist James Freeman wrote this week, “But as Republicans prepare to make their closing arguments to U.S. voters, GOP candidates can justly say that their policies have yielded exceptional results. The economic revival they promised in 2016 […]

‘Congress Takes on Opioids’ |

On Wednesday, President Trump signed into law a sweeping, comprehensive bill to address the opioid epidemic from all angles—healing communities, strengthening law enforcement tools, and reforming the way medicine is prescribed.  A local news segment, under the title “Congress Takes […]

Landmark Opioid Legislation Signed Into Law

WASHINGTON—Today, in an event noting the historic efforts of the administration and Congress in fighting the opioid epidemic, President Trump signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) issued this statement following the bill’s signature:   […]

From 'The End of the World' to The Top

Then (Better Off) Now “Get used to it: Economists see “new normal” of slow growth” (AP, 12/5/16) “U.S. Economic Confidence Stuck at Lower Level” (Gallup, 7/19/16) “Is the US economic recovery stuck in a rut?” (BBC, 7/7/16) “After 7 Years […]